Friday, April 29, 2016

Wake Up Early-Calm and Refreshed

If it was a perfect world, everyone would have been waking up early-calm, refreshed and all set to tackle the day each morning. But we have hectic morning routines which are a success if we are able to make it up to time. Waking up early has many advantages. It gives you time for productivity and leisure along with making your days less stressful.

Do not snooze your alarm in the morning and wake up early to enjoy a healthy breakfast. You can also put the considerable amount in your appearance then. Waking up early is not easy but we can achieve it and make mornings the best part of our day. This is your time to relax and check in within yourself.

Image Credits: everydayhealth

1. Get more sleep

Schedule 7-9 hours of sleep into your day and stop compromising your health for success. It increases your memory consolidation, helps you with better weight and heath management, heightens mood and concentration, and lowers blood pressure and stress levels. 

2. Keep your screens away

Dim the brightness of your phone before you go to sleep and restrict all screens at least an hour before you sleep. Setting an alarm shouldn’t be your last thing.

3. Go to sleep when you feel tired and create the right night routine

Do not wait too long and see how your body responds. Your body will tell you the time when it is exhausted and not in a condition to stay awake anymore. Do not trick your body at that time. It is bad both in a short and long run. Read books and sip lavender tea at least 30 minutes before you sleep. Get used to this ritual. Clean your environment before you go to sleep. It will be easier for the mind to understand it is time to sleep. Get up at the same time every day. 

4. Don’t press snooze and move quickly out of bed

Wake up when you are in the least deep of sleep. Use Apps like Sleep Time to help you for this step. As you made the place relaxing last night, you need to get away from it as quickly as possible. Get up and get going, the moment you wake up.

5. Workout in the morning

Yoga or quick jog will help you relieve toxins, increase productivity and make you eat healthily. So, is it not good to work out in the morning and stop making excuses anymore? 

6. Expose yourself to natural light

Get a dose of Vitamin D in the sunlight and fresh air. This will somehow help you reduce the symptoms of stress and regulate all the chemicals.

7. Have something to look forward to

Have something to do even if it is a dinner. It will make you feel excited like Friday evenings. Catch up with yourself in the early morning. Make your accomplishment list and start your day with calmness, mindfulness, and gratitude. 

Slowly, this bad thing of waking up early will be worth it in the end. Make sure that you keep the same routine for weekends as well.